Yuurin is the apparel fashion logistics specialist in JAPAN.

We support the development of fashion business mainly logistics and outsourcing services.
Outsourcing is not only putting out your work but finding out the core work and the specialist
adequate for achieving your original goal.
It does not mean the division but the strategy to realize the efficiency,
diversity and the integration of the company.
We consider "logistics presentaton"as achieving the apparel logistics now in this time.
Only delivery is not the service anymore.
If you are planning to develop the business in Japan, Yuurin is the right answer.
Please contact us for details.

Precise delivery

Apparel specialist Yuurin regards the precise shipping and delivery as the most important service.


Technical knowledge essential for the shipping operation of apparel products.

Achieving Quick delivery depends on how to keep the space and the manpower.
The gap between On-season and off-season products volume causes unnecessary cost.
Apparel specialist Yuurin presents the best way of outsourcing logistics.


Cost-cutting by the establishment of apparel logistics system.

The establishment of apparel logistics center: System development,
Precise stock management and shipping will support the distribution of your products.


Secondary process essential for the apparel logistics.

Undertaking all the various orders from clients increases the cost.
Outsourcing secondary process will cut labor costs.
Besides, training period for the processing operation is unnecessary.


Agency service for shipping and stock management of EC, online shopping products.

We control a large stock by SKU and provide right transport depending on the client's condition.


Agency service for accounting, invoice.

Sending the invoice and making sales records become more efficient when those work are done
at the shipping place since shipping data directly goes to sales data.



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